Monday, 21 May 2012

Indigo Dyeing Workshop - Jancie Gunner

Brilliant workshop yesterday with Janice Gunner. My first attempt at dyeing, shocking considering I used to be a chemistry teacher! I remember the smell!

Indigo Dyed Cotton (drainpipe)

Janice had so many gorgeous fabric samples, it was hard to decide which technique to try first; stitching squares of fabric, tying in marbles, clamping shapes and wrapping fabric around old drainpipes.

Indigo Dyed Cotton Muslin (clamp resist)

The indigo vat was made up in a large black plastic bucket (the resemblance to a witches cauldron was remarkable!) and then the fabric dunked.  Simple as that!!  I think the best bit is opening up the little parcels after to see the effect.  Love it!

Indigo Dyed Cotton Samples (stitch resist)

Indigo Dyed Cotton Muslin (marbles and ikea bag clips)

Indigo Dyed Silk (drainpipe)

Indigo Dyed Cotton (wood grain stitch resist)

Indigo Dyed Cotton (stitch resist)

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