Wednesday, 28 March 2012


How many bees make a swarm??

In my case it's 35.

Now they have to earn their stripes.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A swarm of bees

Spring is very definitely here. In fact It feels more like summer this week. The bees seem to agree and having spent a whole day gardening on Sunday my ears are ringing from all their frantic buzzing. Presumably trying to locate the few flowers that have popped up so far.
With these thoughts buzzing around my head, is it any wonder a swarm of Bertie Bumble Bees are emerging from a mound of soft freshly carded merino wool??
They will be buzzing off to Emerald Framing, Chalfont St Peter very soon.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Felted Sunflower Picture

Plan for next picture is a sunflower. One of the first felted pictures I did was a sunflower. Just made out of merino wool.
This time I have added silk and material for texture and I'm planning to add embroidery to finish it.
The prefelts are now made and cut out ready for the final felting. I think it will just be on a background of blue and white for a summer sky.

Jewellery Workshop with Stephanie Burnham

March 18th

Fantastic day at the Bead Scene Studio in Pottersbury. Stephanie helped demystify basic jewellery making.
We learnt loads and had lots of opportunity to practice. LOTS of ideas now of how to incorporate felt with my new skills.
The pictures show a few practice pieces from the day.

Pretty in Pink Rose Corsage

First completed commission from the craft fair. It's a multi purpose rose corsage brooch with head band so it can be worn in your hair.
I only hope it's pink enough for Esme!!

Juniper Hill Art Exhibition and Craft Fair

March 10th and 11th found me at Juniper Hill Primary School in Flackwell Heath.
It was an art exhibition and craft fair set out in the hall and classrooms. It seemed as if around every corner there were more things to look at. I had a great time and met lots of lovely people. It was a great way to find out what people like. Thank you to the school mums who popped in to support me!
My only problem was trying not to spend too much on all the lovely things. As it was, I got a lovely ceramic bead necklace and earrings from Yolande Dennis Jewellery and a cheeky copper wren from Oenone Metal Sculpture. I still have my eye on a gorgeous pear necklace from Oenone too......
The pictures show my stall. My first proper craft fair set up. I know it's hard to see but any thoughts, suggestions or comments greatly appreciated!!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Felted Cushions

Look out for lots of postings featuring recent makes. I've been really busy getting ready for my first craft fair. Slightly nervous!!

I've been playing with some gorgeous yarn I bought at the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra palace, from the Loop stand which was called blackberry and had pretty beads actually in it.
I was thinking cushions (and scarves for next winter!!)