Friday, 19 August 2011

BeeBeeCrafts on blogs

Had two lovely surprises today. BeeBeeCrafts has been featured on two blogs. Bertie Bee is on and my remembrance poppy is on I feel very honoured to be included alongside such gorgeous items. Thank you very much!

It does confirm what a 'dangerous' (for my purse!) site folksy is! So many lovely things............

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It has been quite an exciting couple of days......  in terms of felting and felting projects..... 

I have had a flurry of orders on folksy - I have been at the local post office nearly every day in  the last week and BeeBeeCrafts has gone international!  Bertie Bumble Bee is winging his way across the atlantic as I type - I hope he copes ok with the journey!

Then I have commisions to make a beret, scarf and flower for a lovely lady's birthday (can't say any more as it's a surprise....), a blue heart wedding card, a green rose brooch, some slippers, another scarf and just today another scarf!

Finally and probably most exciting I went to meet a friend this morning who works with ceramics - Debbie Shaw, and she had seen my poppy lampshade which is on display at the Caramel Square and wants us to collabarate on a project where she makes lamp bases and I do the shades.  As I said, VERY excited!!!  I went to her house to see the kind of bases she is planning and was shown round her magical garden - there were heads, angels, horses, dragons, mermaids, poppy seeds, buddha, suns, figures, and more everywhere.

If all goes according to plan they should be on display in a shop in Flackwell Heath later in the year.  Did I mention I was excited?!!

I shall keep you posted.....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sheila Smith workshop teaser - more details to follow!

Laying out the patchwork pieces prior to felting - it's going to be a bag....

Felting a tree......

For most of last year my youngest went to playgroup 3 mornings a week.  Staff and parents have been doing up the garden bit by bit.  So far we have built a living willow dome and tunnel, and painted most things that stand still long enough (the children were obviously safe from this!).  There was one corner which remained dark and dingy - solution?  Felt a tree!

I know it sounds mad but it's a colourful take on a very old idea where people used to wrap and felt trees with old fleeces to protect them from the worst of the winter weather.  It doesn't damage the tree as the wool is breathable.

The before picture

Wrapping up the tree - I did 3 layers in total, 2 x white merino then the top layer.

Giving the tree a rub down

The finished tree

Whilst the tree got a make over outside, inside the children decorated prefelt handprints to make a handprint tree wallhanging and made felt beads and sausages to make mobiles to hang in the trees. 
Many thanks to the staff and parents who helped make everything work.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Think pink - Baby booties!

Following the birth of beautiful Macy Abigail in April (if she is my cousin's daughter, does that make her my second cousin?) I was inspired to make these cute pink booties.  Any excuse to play with pink having a house full of blue....

They are merino wool with cerise pink silk laps on the surface.  They are lovely but unfortunately by the time I gave them to Macy (it had to be in person obviously) they were a little on the small size...... maybe they work as a keepsake?  I had also put a small slit in the front to help getting them on and off but no joy.  Size adjustment required for the template I think.  

Puppets and parties.

My oldest son turned 5 at the weekend(Happy Birthday!) , and he has just finished his first year of school - unbelievable. Time really does fly.  As a present for his teacher I made this felted hand puppet.  

Many thanks to Jellipot for the inspiration.  About a month ago I took delivery of a gorgeous turquoise and red hand felted thingymabobber (to use Jellipot's terminology).  He has pride of place on my work table, when he hasn't been kidnapped by one or other of the boys, and he helped me make the rainbow version for Mrs Bennett.  To see the original puppets and other lovely fluffy things see