Sunday, 16 June 2013

Name Tag for Bucks Open Studios

We were asked to get creative and produce a name tag for Art at St Dunstan's, so I decided to needle felt my name onto a scrap of my handmade felt.
It's backed with leather for support and has a brooch back.
Very pleased with the result but I'm now thinking I needed to put BeeBeeCrafts on it too.....

Learning to Spin

My stand at St Dunstan's is next to the lovely Wendy Fowler. She makes beautiful pots, vases, bowls etc and also spins....
She had her spinning wheel and a scrumptious batt of carded merino and silk which she was playing with today. I took advantage of a quiet half hour this morning to have a go! Wendy makes it look so easy, and relaxing, almost meditative.....
All I can say is I was quite relieved when we had a big influx of visitors! It's so much harder than it looks. It's like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, your foot does one thing whilst your hands do something else. I didn't find it relaxing at all. I would definitely like to have a longer go and try to master it though.
The picture is Wendy showing how it's supposed to be done.

Bucks Open Studios - Art at St Dunstan's 2013

All set up for Bucks Open Studios in the beautiful medieval church of St Dunstan's in Monks Risborough.
There are 9 lovely artists exhibiting through until 23rd June now. For more information see

Autumn 2013 scarf ideas....

So I think they call this task avoidance....

What I should be doing is getting some more bits ready for Bucks Open Studios but I couldn't resist having a bit of a play and making some samples of ideas I have for scarves for later in the year.

For the first one I carded my own colour mix of merino wool (lavender inspired) then made a holey cobweb felt.

For the second it's a network nuno. Turquoise silk chiffon with thin strips of merino wool laid out in a grid. I love the way the silk crinkles up when the wool shrinks.

Definite potential I think!