Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Felting a tree......

For most of last year my youngest went to playgroup 3 mornings a week.  Staff and parents have been doing up the garden bit by bit.  So far we have built a living willow dome and tunnel, and painted most things that stand still long enough (the children were obviously safe from this!).  There was one corner which remained dark and dingy - solution?  Felt a tree!

I know it sounds mad but it's a colourful take on a very old idea where people used to wrap and felt trees with old fleeces to protect them from the worst of the winter weather.  It doesn't damage the tree as the wool is breathable.

The before picture

Wrapping up the tree - I did 3 layers in total, 2 x white merino then the top layer.

Giving the tree a rub down

The finished tree

Whilst the tree got a make over outside, inside the children decorated prefelt handprints to make a handprint tree wallhanging and made felt beads and sausages to make mobiles to hang in the trees. 
Many thanks to the staff and parents who helped make everything work.


  1. Thank you, it was really good fun and has definitely brightened up the corner. :)

  2. Hello Nicky! This looks like a fab day! Rainbow tree trunk! Just wanted to say hi, i've been going round all your website and shop etc... lovely work. I managed to finish one glove before bed last night, did you finish your 2nd?