Sunday, 6 May 2012

Artists and Makers Fair, Waddesdon Plant Centre

Brilliant weekend at the Artist and Makers Fair! Bright airy space and so many really talented people. I know the whole point of showing at these fairs is to promote BeeBeeCrafts and hopefully sell bits and pieces, and not for me to buy, but it's so hard to resist temptation!!

The lovely lady, Janice Hume, on the stall next to me had so many lovely original paintings, sketches and prints, it seemed rude not to treat myself. A beautiful, simple original watercolour heart in moss greens and blues, really peaceful, calming colours. Lovely.  Her website is (genius name?!).

And I also fell in love with the work of ceramic artist, Kirsteen Holuji ( She had huge sculptures of bulrushes to go in your garden and move gently with the breeze, voluptuous 'spotty bottom' vases, ceramic grasses, poppy seed heads and my favourite pollen sculpture.  Unfortunately the pollen I fell in love with sold but I'm hoping Kirsteen will make me one........

In the mean time I have used her lovely work as inspiration - more details to follow shortly.  I did spend lots of time over the weekend experimenting with making felt versions of the pollen and bulrushes.  You can judge how succesful I was when I post the pics!!

BeeBeeCrafts Stall, Artists and Makers Fair, Waddesdon Plant Centre

Close up, BeeBeeCrafts Stall

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