Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ceramics inspiration - Kirsteen Holuji

In a previous post I mentioned Kirsteen Holuji and her inspiring ceramic pollen grains and bulrushes.  There follows my attempts to recreate them in felt.

First attempt - felt around a circle resist then wrap sections with cotton to create the knobbles....

Recreating pollen - pink under layer, turquoise top layer

Second Attempt - I went home and consulted the genius book, Filz Experiment by Annette Quentin Stoll, and used her technique to try again.  Much happier with the effect but I need to work out how to turn it into a sphere.

Lime green under, purples top layer - prefelt and sewn circles

Cotton pulled tight and wrapped to create knobbles

Felted pollen next to Kirsteen's ceramic pollens

Finally I had a go at making a bulrush to replace the ceramic ones..... needs to be fatter and possibly more textured, with silks and materials added to the surface.  I'm hopingto have 7 ready for Bucks Open Studios! Kirsteen has 7 ceramic bulrushes in her sculpture.....  

Felted bulrush next to Kirsteen's ceramic bulrush

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